Results on the green continued to improve under Max Carey’s captaincy in 1972 and by the end of the year Max was able to report that half the matches played had been won. The Treasurer was also able to report a much healthier balance of £72 in the Club coffers. Progress was also made towards a fairer share of the green and suggestions were even made about a merger with the Portishead Club. The merger did not happen - the Legion deciding to retain its separate identity - but steps were taken towards the development of a Liaison Committee.

In 1973 Max Carey became the first Club player to be honoured with County selection. Max was Club Captain in 1972 and 1973, Club Chairman from 1974 to 1976, and worked hard to put the Legion Bowling Club on the map. He was very much involved in starting the popular Club tours - the Spring Tour and the London Tour - which commenced in 1974, and some years later was instrumental in getting the Club affiliated to the City and County of Bristol Bowls Association. His father, Bill Carey, had been President of the Club in 1973, and had held the inaugural President’s Day at which he donated and raised the first Club Flag. In turn he was presented with a Presidential Collar and Medallion.


The 21st Anniversary booklet reports that rather than select the medallion from a brochure it was decided to have one made by a craftsman in Yatton. Bert Metcalfe designed the medallion, and the booklet tells us that:

Debroy Gregory in 1976

“At the next committee meeting they reported that they had ordered a medallion much superior to the tinny looking one in the brochure, worthy of the President of the Club. On hearing that it was to be of solid silver, the Treasurer blanched and seemed about to faint but his distress was soothed when Max announced “Don’t worry Greg, the bill only comes to £17.79!””

1973 was Debroy Gregory’s (Greg’s) first year as Hon. Treasurer and although at times he may have left himself open to quips such as this, the careful way he looked after the Club’s finances for a full thirty years (he only retired as Treasurer in 2002) must be acknowledged.