Ambitions for our own green

The mid 80's saw the beginnings of major efforts aimed at improving facilities for bowling. With only a single green at the Lake Grounds the demand for rink space was difficult to satisfy at times, and for some time it had been the ambition of John Joslin and others for the Legion to have its own green. Several options were looked at including the possibility of having a green at a site on Harbour Road.

Club finances had begun to improve significantly in the mid 80's, to a large extent through the establishment of a 100-Club, and so there were some hopes that such an ambition might be achievable. Unfortunately, despite the significant efforts of a number of Club members, the plans proved not to be affordable, and so towards the end of the 1985 season enquiries were made of Woodspring Council concerning the possibility of providing a second green at the Lake Grounds. There was also a need to expand and improve the Clubhouse facilities on the existing green.

The 100-Club was set up by Greg as Treasurer, who also collected the money. On a lighter note, a suggestion was made regarding the 100-Club at an AGM. It would seem that Eric Thomas had been a frequent beneficiary of payouts from the 100-Club and a member from the floor of the AGM asked the Chair whether it would simplify matters if the monthly payments of 100-Club members were in future made directly to Eric rather than given on a somewhat temporary basis to Greg.

Returning to the matter of the improvement of facilities, the Portishead Urban District Council position was also very relevant as the PUDC very much wanted to reduce its ongoing costs. Up until this time the PUDC ran the whole facility and was responsible for all maintenance including the wages of the green keeper and the staff manning the office. Through discussion it became clear that a way forward would be for the facilities to be made available to the Bowls Clubs under a long lease with the Clubs taking full responsibility for ongoing costs, but the Council made it clear that such an agreement would only be acceptable if it involved all the Clubs using the facility and not just a single Club such as the Legion. This resulted in the formation of the Association of Portishead Bowling Clubs.